Higher customer satisfaction thanks to the last-mile peer2peer network of Homerr



Shopping online becomes even easier than before! Thanks to our high coverage, there always is a neighbour available to accept packages.

Fair and Social

No more frustration for neighbours that accept unsolicited packages for the neighbourhood. Homerrs are always rewarded fairly.

Environmentally friendly and Safe

Due to a hitrate of 99%, Homerr is more environmentally friendly than alternative logistical solutions. Next to that, we contribute to the relief of stress on the road network in large cities.

Shopping experience and Profitable

Proven higher NPS and revenue by offering a large network of PickUp points.

An optimal Customer Journey

Integrate Homerr in the checkout of your webshop through the Homerr API

Customers are kept up to date on their order by mail

Customers rate the Homerr after the package has been picked up

Case studies

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