Our network.

The largest independent pick-up network in the Netherlands. Now available in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and the Hague!

Our network

Our network consists out of several Homerrs and HomerrPoints in your neighbourhood. Homerrs are your neighbours such as that sweet housewife in the house across the street or that group of students who rather study at home than attend their classes. Homerrpoints consist out of local businesses such as, the local bakery or that nice restaurant down the street.

The social network of Homerr

Why can’t I see my city?

Homerr is growing and is extremely happy with the increasing number of Homerrs and HomerrPoints. Currently, our network is active in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and the Hague. We are working hard to expand our network to other cities in the Netherlands. We want to provide our shoppers a network of Homerrs and HomerrPoints close to home. Therefore, we will only expand our network if we are convinced that we are able to realize this. If you are interested in starting a Homerr network in your region feel free to contact us so we can determine what the possibilities are.