Online shopping made more fun.

By creating a social network logistics.

In 2015 more than 200 million packages were delivered to consumers, as many as 30% of these packages – or 60 million packages – were not delivered to the right person straightaway.

This causes frustration, irritated neighbours and a big burden on the road network. That’s a waste. And we agree to that.
Homerr was founded in order to solve this problem; to make sure your package is delivered safely and on time.
As a social logistics network, we connect people who are at home regularly, with neighbours who are unable to be home for the delivery of their package.

Who we are?

Online shopping is a godsend, but not if you are unable to be at home for the delivery of your purchases. The time of wrongly delivered packages, queuing at the post office or having to find which neighbour accepted your package, is history. We aim to make online shopping easier by creating a social logistics network.

And no, we do not come from the logistics sector; we are a team with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. What unites us is our endless energy and the idea that the parcel delivery system could be better and especially; easier. We believe in the power of a social network, neighbours for neighbours. Better for you, me, the neighbours and the logistics sector.

Never again will a package be delivered to an unsuspecting neighbour

No more waiting around or having to stay at home for your package

Always your package, at your time, at your Homerr

… and perhaps even more important; Always that smile and extra service of your neighbour, your Homerr, who is finally being rewarded for always accepting all packets!