Are you fed up with packages that are delivered too late, wrongly, or not at all?

From now on, you can pick up your package at one of our HomerrPoints.


Earn extra money

Earn money by accepting packages intended for your neighbours

You decide

Decide how much you want to earn

Be the first

Take advantage of the growth in online orders

Always found

Through Homerr your customers can always find you


Homerr links neighbours who are at home regularly, to neighbours who are unable to be at home for the delivery of their package. This social logistics network is our strength; together we can solve the problem of non-, late or incorrect delivery of packages.

As a Homerr you can create a flexible schedule and indicate for which services you are available. Easy money and fun as well!

Accept a package for one of your neighbours; happy neighbours and you can save up for a nice holiday

At home and in the mood for a little walk? Return packages for your neighbours and become even more desirable.

How does Homerr work?

What makes Homerr so special are the Homerrs; people who are at home regularly to receive packages in a reliable and timely manner. Are you at home or in your neighbourhood at least one day a week, then you can be a Homerr.

Register! Select your availability & receive packages for your neighbourhood.

If a shipment is en route, you will be notified automatically!

Accept the package and change the status in the app.

Your customer will receive a notification that the package has been delivered and will send a request for a pick-up or delivery time.

Keep your availability up-to-date, be active and receive your earnings once a month.

Vicky van der Spoel
Vicky van der Spoel
"Eindelijk! Geen problemen meer met het ontvangen van pakketjes. Voer het adres in van jouw favoriete Homerr en klaar!"
Rutger Koele
Rutger Koele
Manager E-Commerce
Waar wij als webshop afhankelijk zijn van derden, biedt Homerr de extra service. Onze klant hoeft niet meer thuis te zijn en heeft toch de zekerheid dat het pakket op tijd en bij de juiste persoon aankomt.
298 m van jouw locatie
Wat een goede app! Eindelijk online shoppen zonder rekening te hoeven houden met de bezorging van mijn pakket. Gewoon na werk even langs de buurman op de tijd dat het mij uitkomt!